Hot Orange


Our Story

How did it all begin?

It genuinely felt like one of those lightbulb moments, when back in summer 2018 I was defrosting some carrot purée for my 7 month old daughter and whilst I was trying to mash it to make it defrost quicker and my daughter Lucy was waiting (patiently) I started wondering about what she would think of the frozen carrot.  Lucy’s food weaning journey to that moment had meant that she had been willing to try a variety of different fruit and veg purées and to me there was no logical reason why she wouldn’t give it a try as it was only my ingrained opinion that the carrot should be served hot to be enjoyed, but why should it? So I tried some and it was surprisingly refreshing and enjoyable and importantly Lucy also loved it!

This got me thinking about veg ice lollies, did such a thing exist? What did they taste like? What veg did they use? Where could I get them? I soon started to realise that I may be onto something as I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for, so I started to experiment and with the help of family and friends had lots of fun with different flavour combinations, freezing and taste testing.

And so the journey of Lucy’s Lollies began.

Meet the Chief Lolly Maker

I have always been a massive fan of ice lollies, so having the opportunity to create my own healthy delicious creations is brilliant. I'm always thinking about new flavours and I love being in the kitchen trying out new recipes.


Sarah Wilson