About our ice lollies

All of our ice lollies are made with only 100% freshly squeezed natural fruit and veg juice, nothing else added.

We have 6 different recipes and it was important to us to aim for approximately 50% veg and fruit combination, because veg is so important and we genuinely think it tastes delicious, particularly when combined with the scrumptious flavours of fruit. We also want to offer a healthy alternative which simply tastes great.

We choose only the best fresh ingredients, and try to get organic, Fairtrade and locally sourced wherever possible. Also our lollies our not just delicious, refreshing and healthy, they are vegan, dairy free, gluten free with no added sugar.

We are based in the vibrant city of Bristol, famed for its dynamic culture, green credentials, architecture, music scene, street art, and overflowing with exceptional and innovative food and drink creations.


It is really important to us here at Lucy's Lollies to care for our environment and so have chosen to use biodegradable and compostable packaging for our ice lollies.

This packaging is suitable for home or commercial composting, however whilst we do ask that you please dispose of the packaging by composting, if it does end up in landfill it does not release anything environmentally harmful into the environment (including methane).


Super Red

A delicious blend of beetroot juice, red pepper and pineapple.


Citrus Snip

Taste the crisp fizz of parsnip, orange and lemon.


Green Ruby

Tangy treat of rhubarb, spinach and pineapple


Hot Orange

The heat of ginger mixed with carrot and orange for a truly ice cold refreshing experience


Coco Banado

Smooth and creamy delight of avocado, banana and coconut milk.


Let us Spin

Refreshing crisp taste of lemon and mint mellowed with lettuce and spinach.